iBeacons: Transforming Learning Spaces

  • Augmented Reality
  • iBeacons
  • Immersive Learning

About this workshop:

iBeacons provide a myriad opportunities for teachers and schools to augment a variety of learning spaces with meaningful and worthwhile experiences and interactions, simple to set up, this workshop will take you through the whole process of integrating them into your learning space.

Every delegate receives an iBeacon to create their own iBeacon project and take home.

Why use beacons in education?

If you are looking to:

• Make your students’ experience more engaging
• Motivate your students
• Create engaging spaces in your classroom and school
• Attract student attention and increase their knowledge and awareness of different concepts and topics
• Facilitate students engaging through different techniques and media
• Enable students to access and engage with varied and differentiated content

With beacons you can:

• Make static areas come to life
• Connect students to more information
• Save valuable school funds (using beacons as a distribution system)
• Improve contact with parents
• Gamify the learning experience
• Enable different points of contact for staff, students and parents
• Support parent and student navigation in your school (great for open days and parent evenings)
• Enable parents/visitors/students to find specific points in the school

Workshop leader:

Joe Moretti

Apple Education Trainer

This workshop takes place on: